VIPs only have to wait 6 more days for the premiere of the full BIGBANG MADE 2015 Concert, coming exclusively to DramaFever on 11/11, but we know you are anxious to see the boys in action, so here are 5 sneak peek clips of some of their most popular songs, brought to you by McDonald's and Verizon! 

1. "Bang Bang Bang"

2. "Haru Haru"

3. "Daesung's Drum Solo"

4. "If You"

5. "Stupid Liar"

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We've been following BIGBANG's journey by watching early concerts and documentaries on DramaFever up to this epic moment — on 11/11 DramaFever will be bringing you the full BIGBANG MADE 2015 Tour Concert, including special backstage footage!

In the meantime, visit our special BIGBANG page, where we take you on a journey through the epic rise of BIGBANG. Learn what these guys are MADE of and find out how it all began HERE.

Due to licensing agreements, BIGBANG MADE 2015 concert will be available in the US and Canada only.