Did you know that Super Junior's Siwon sometimes holds stuffed animals when sleeping? That he prefers sexy ladies to cute girl? That the body part he's most confident about is his butt?

The same day the She Was Pretty star Choi Siwon enlisted in the military on November 19, 2015, Hallyu World released a full-length video interview with Choi Siwon. That's over 20 minutes of Siwon!

In this really cute interview, the honest feelings of Super Junior's Siwon on work, love, friends, and more are revealed. You'll learn about Siwon's ideal girl type, (Siwon says a woman is sexiest when she's engrossed in work and good looks are just "icing on the cake!") religious views, (Siwon's superhero is Jesus), weaknesses (Siwon is most vulnerable to women's tears), and work (Siwon wants to play a murderer!).

In addition to the accounting for the personal details of his life, Siwon gives insight to the future of world Hallyu and the mindset Korean celebrities must embrace for the expansion of Hallyu. 

Check out the interview for more Siwon in your life!

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