Popular Taiwanese singer Show Lo (Lo Chih Hsiang) has been a reigning singer-actor for over a decade. For his 11th album, he invited Miss A's Suzy to join him for his new song "Together in Love." The result is a cuter-than-cute MV that got over 1 million views after only one day's release.

In the MV, Suzy and Show play two stars who are playacting on a romantic reality show. As the video begins, they are getting ready to get on stage. As the reality show begins, they are seen having coffee and flirting with each other. Soon, they begin to really fall for each other.

There is one behind-the-scenes "incident." For the slap scene, Show told Suzy to go ahead and slap him for real, and she really did. She must have had a powerful hand because Show later said he felt that his face shifted from the impact.

Show said that he met Suzy about 2 years ago and was impressed by Suzy's very accurate Chinese pronunciation. His decision to invite Suzy for his MV proved to be right on the money. Show said, "Suzy took only two and a half hours to do the recording for the song. I really admire her professionalism and sincerity."

Apparently Show was delighted by Suzy for another reason too.

The 36-year-old singer asked Suzy to guess his age, and Suzy guessed 25.

Wow, I would agree with her. Show Lo looks so cute. No wonder his nickname is Xiao Zhu, for "Little Pig" in Chinese.

Show definitely made the right decision to work together with Suzy. The lovable "Together In Love" MV received over 1 million views after only one day on YouTube. 

Don't they look cute together? 

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