201303211945131 Though brief, Suzy left a strong impression with her sword fighting skills in the trailer for the new MBC drama ‘Gu Family Book’ airing Mondays and Tuesdays and simulcast in English on DramaFever. In the drama, which is set to first air on April 8th, Suzy will play the role of Dam Yeo Wool, whose father owns a martial arts academy and excels in martial arts and archery. This will be her first time acting in a period drama. Moreover, she will play the role of a martial arts instructor who is a tomboy, doesn’t hold grudges and has a laid-back personality. In a teaser that was released on the 18th, Suzy was seen posing with her hair up in a blue martial arts outfit and piqued the interest of viewers. Viewers also gained a glimpse of a side of her that has not been seen up to now when showed off her sword fighting skills with a smile on her face. Producers of the drama have said “Suzy will play a character that’s more laid-back than a guy and also an excellent fighter in the role of Dam Yeo Wool,” and added “You can expect to see a completely different side of her in her first attempt at a historic period drama and martial arts.” Upon viewing the teaser, netizens commented “Suzy is so pretty,” “Looking forward to seeing a new side of Suzy.”