The  character stills for the upcoming legal drama Pride and Prejudice introduced us to some of the major players in the series, but now we have teaser trailers to show us more! Take a look:

The first teaser introduces the two leads, played by  Choi Jin Hyuk and Baek Jin Hee. It indicates that the two characters had a history before they became prosecutors, which is funny because reuniting past love interests seems to be the theme of the year in Dramaland. Hey, if it works, it works!

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In the second teaser, we get a broader view of the entire cast. It looks like a promising ensemble:

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Maybe it's just my love of the song "Stand By Me" talking here, but these teasers look really cute! What did you think? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

Pride and Prejudice premieres October 27. Due to licensing restrictions, it will only be available to Premium users. You can sign up for new episode alerts HERE.