Last month, video production Cut released the Chinese version of their popular "100 Years of Beauty" series, and they've followed that up by releasing a video showing the 100-year evolution of Japanese beauty.  Take three minutes and go on a journey into the history of both Chinese and Japanese women's style!

Cut has been producing some very cool videos, and one of their most popular series, "100 Years of Beauty," has a new addition. In just a little under two minutes, they've styled and created, by decade, Japanese female style of the last 100 years. It's definitely fascinating to watch looks evolve, and when you see it happen in such a short time, it really makes you realize how fast trends change. Fashion and aesthetics, both for men and women, are constantly on the move.

I've added the Chinese version of the same series as well, just released last month. It's interesting to see the differences with Japan, but also the subtle similarities as well. And for those that want to check out Korea's 100 years, you can see it in this article.


100 Years of Japanese Beauty

100 Years of Chinese Beauty