The Try Guys over at Buzzfeed recently completed a five-part series of videos in which they delved into Korean entertainment culture and learned about K-pop, K-dramas, and Korean food at KCON LA. As they watch K-pop for the first time, attempt to cook classic Korean dishes, and reenact infamous K-drama scenes, the results we're quite hilarious! 

Check out the videos below and see Eugene, Keith, Zach, and Ned try their hands at everything Korean!

Part 1: The Try Guys Watch K-pop for the First Time

In the first part of the series, The Try Guys ride the Korean Wave for the first time, watching music videos by K-pop sensationslike Girls’ Generation, BIGBANG, 4Minute, EXO, SISTAR, and GOT7. I personally loved the guys' reactions to 4Minute's video for "Crazy"! Zach's comment, "This is like if Missy Elliot were Korean" definitely made me laugh out loud! The women of 4Minute are K-pop legends and badass to the bone, and it's great to see that The Try Guys recognize that!

Part 2: The Try Guys Try K-pop Idol Makeup

In Part 2, the guys transform into some amazing K-pop idols through the power of makeup! This isn't the first time these guys have worn makeup, but it certainly is one of the more entertaining times! Ned was transformed into 4Minute's Hyuna, Keith into Amber from f(x), Eugene into CL of 2NE1, and Zach became Girls' Generation sweetheart Tiffany! All the Try Guys looked awesome, but Eugene definitely killed it as the K-pop Queen herself, CL!

Part 3: The Try Guys Try Korean Cooking

The Try Guys continue to immerse themselves in Korean culture, this time experiencing Korean cuisine first-hand with the help of their new Korean Mom. The guys try their hand at making Korean cuisine staples dukbokki and kimbap. Their end products are quite impressive! I definitely wouldn't mind the Try Guys cooking Korean food for me!

Part 4: The Try Guys Recreate Korean Drama Scenes

In what is definitely my favorite segment of the series, in Part 4, The Try Guys recreate infamous K-drama scenes! With the help of the Nutty Nomads, the guys reenact scenes such as the "fifteen second fairy" kiss scene from My Love From Another Star, a fight scene from Heirs, and the awkward wire tangling scene from My Unfortunate Boyfriend! To be honest, I'd watch a K-drama staring the Try Guys any day!

Part 5: The Try Guys Try K-pop Dance Moves

The climactic conclusion of the Try Guys' foray into Korean entertainment was their performance on stage at KCON LA 2015! The guys amazed fans who gathered to see them perform a choreographed mashup featuring songs by BIGBANG, EXO, and SISTAR! The guys definitely end their series with a bang!

What do you think of The Try Guys' introduction to K-pop and K-dramas? Which part of the series was your favorite? Comment down below!

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