[caption id="attachment_22166" align="alignleft" width="350" caption="Han Chae Young"][/caption] I thought that Wednesday was a pretty big press day for Playful Kiss, but here comes an epic 15-minute preview. Star Kim Hyun Joong made news at a press conference for Kiss, describing his first kiss with Jung So Min as totally "awkward." He also said it was hard for him to play a genius, since he had to look up a lot of words in the script! Kim then addressed speculation about the breakup of SS501, saying that they definitely have not broken up (yet)... Japanese broadcaster Fuji TV is creating a new drama timeslot in its schedule, with Matsuyuki Yasuko's Perfect Report as the inaugural soap. The new hour of drama is 9PM on Sunday nights, and Matsuyuki gave an idea of the types of shows that will fill the slot, saying she wants to be in a drama that "is going to refresh your energy for the next day." Perfect Report, following Matsuyuki's "stubborn" news reporter at the top of her game, also features heartthrob Kaname Jun and Kohinata Fumiyo. You're Beautiful's Park Shin Hye appeared last night on another Hong Sisters drama, the well-received My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. She's one of a already impressive list of guest stars who have appeared on the show, including Lee Soo Geun and UEE. A post-mortem of the could've-been drama of the year Road No. 1 analyzes why the war epic with the all-star cast and huge budget just couldn't attract an audience. The finale bombed in the ratings, with only 5% of loyal viewers tuning in. A star-studded cast including Kim Bum (as a "sensitive photographer"), Han Chae Young and U-Know Yunho have begun filming a 20-minute minidrama to mark 2010-12's big push for Korean tourism. The Hallyu-riffic showcase will appear online in November, with previews showing up in September. If you're a drama fan with an interest in politics, you've probably noticed the recent appearance of fictional presidents popping up as main characters in Kdrama (Dae Mul features Ko Hyun Jung as the prez) and last year's film Good Morning President. The upcoming drama President stars Choi Soo Jong and was based on a manga about a US presidential race. The story has been adapted for the Korean political scene, and held up as an example of the loosening of social mores concerning depictions of political leaders. Finally, ever wondered how much pop stars get paid to appear on shows like Music Core? Shockingly little, according to Korea's National Singer Association president-in-waiting Tae Jin Ah, who has vowed to make appearance fees "more realistic."