If you love K-pop dance moves, this video is for you! A group of students from Wheaton College recently performed some of the most popular K-pop choreography from the last 20 years for their campus-wide Lunar New Year's festival, and the result is absolutely fabulous. Take a look:

Enjoy a lighthearted romantic comedy about a lovesick pushover who tries to win over the girl of his dreams with Fool’s Love:

Don't see your favorite songs represented? Don't be upset! In the comments section of the video, the YouTube user who originally uploaded the video (aka the guy in the flannel shirt absolutely klling it with his Orange Caramel moves) clarifies that this is a fun school performance rather than a full-fledged musical tribute. Because many people in the audience were unfamiliar with K-pop and there was a set time limit, they had to narrow the song selection, even if it meant some gaps in the timeline or some missing favorites. With an 8-minute time limit, I'm amazed they were able to cover as much as they did! Can we request a part 2 for the next Lunar New Year?

Bravo to everyone who participated in the video! It looked like they were having a lot of fun. Which dances were your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments.