This morning the first teaser for Expect Dating was released via KBS's official twitter page. Although it was a short 34 second trailer, it previewed that it’s going to be an extraordinary drama.

The teaser opens with the caption, “Humanity came to mind that day. The world in which couples dominate." Following this, ‘Hey kid, it looks like all the flunked solos here are on my side," "I swear that dating is a total waste of time," and, "Welcome -- it’s your first time dating right?"

Recently, a representative from Expect Dating met with Star News and stated, “The actors blended in well with each of their characters of similar age," and, “BoA also was immersed in acting and worked hard. Viewers will be able to experience the minor emotion; people in their 20s and 30s would sympathize."

The drama follows the story of four youthful men and women, each with different dating styles, and the various common situations that go on while dating. It will be the follow-up to Sword and Flower, and will begin airing September 11th and 12th at 10pm.

Watch the trailer here: