Today is the big day! Rain's comeback drama Come Back, Mister will finally be out on DramaFever tonight, and fans are excited to see him take his acting to a whole new level! For those who can't wait a minute more, we have a 10-minute-long preview, and it's sure to bring you to both laughter and tears.


After being worked to death, Kim Young Soo (Kim In Kwon) gets the chance to live a charmed life when he possesses Lee Hae Joon (Rain), a hottie and all around perfect guy. Meanwhile, Hong Nan (Oh Yeon Seo), who starts behaving as if she's possessed by a man, and Shin Da Hye (Lee Min Jung), a widow with new romantic appetites, turn Hae Joon's department store upside down.

10-minute Preview

Come Back, Mister premieres tonight on DramaFever!  


Please Come Back, Mister

Starring Rain (Bi) and Oh Yeon Seo

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