Japanese and Mexican culture is about as different as any culture can get from each other, and videos shot and uploaded by a Mexican tourist at a train station during rush hour in Tokyo and home in Mexico City hilariously show the difference. Check out rush hour train riders from two of the biggest cities in the world, and thank your lucky stars you're not one of them! (If you are, I feel your pain.)

Riding a packed rush hour train in a huge metropolitan city is worth trying once just for the experience, but once would be enough for anybody, unless you're into misery and getting tortured. Whether it's in Tokyo, New York or Mexico City, millions of workers every morning and evening are forced to endure the crushing weight of tired strangers as they commute to and from their jobs. Having grown up in Tokyo myself, it's definitely not something you look forward to — you literally feel like a packed sardine in a can. Most likely, the only time a stranger ever has to touch another stranger in Japan is when he or she is on a crowded train. I've also been on trains in Mexico City, which has a population of almost 9 million people. But fortunately for me, it was never rush hour, and so I didn't have to endure the chaos the likes of which you're about to see. 

As exemplified in the video, Japanese commuters and Mexican commuters have a very different approach to riding a crowded train. The Japanese way is very organized, almost stoic. The Mexicans, on the other hand, seem to do the train-riding thing their own way, which is totally opposite of the way it's done in Japan. And as a side note, Tokyo trains at certain times get a lot more crowded than shown in the video, and as for Mexico City, it's probably not as crazy-packed all the time.

Either way, next time you think the train car you're riding in is too crowded for your comfort, just think of commuters in Mexico City and Tokyo, and the situation you're in won't seem so bad after all.


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