A Japanese commercial has been deemed so depressing that it's been forced off the air. The commercial from Tokyo Gas had intended to connect the support of mother's love to a young woman who's had a string of bad luck in finding a job. However, a huge negative backlash has forced the commercial to be taken down, as many viewers consider it to be too painful to watch.

A young woman has been desperately looking for work. Time after time, she tries hard but gets rejected. Her loving and supporting mom cheers her up by cooking her favorite foods. Eventually, her luck seems about to change for the better when she gets turned down once more. This is a commercial but it has also touched people deeply by recalling the misery from their most humiliating job-hunting experiences.

The intent of the commercial was to show the love from our family keeping us hopeful in bad times, making a connection with mother's home cooking (made on the gas stove) and support, but the astounding negative backlash from Japanese viewers who have been through a long depression with high unemployment rates has forced Tokyo Gas to retract the commercial.

Here is the commercial considered the 'Most Depressing Commercial Ever from Japan.'

What do you think? How does it affect you? Do you think the commercial is too realistic and depressing?