When a man from Mars meets a woman from Venus, it may be love at first sight and they marry and live happily ever after. But soon romance turns to disgust when the two can't stand living together. Splitsville is full of hilarious fun (for the audience) when they meet again and sleep together by accident. Sit back and enjoy the premise of Say I Do Again, a brand new romance comedy from Taiwan that follows the hit drama Fall In Love with Me.


Hoteliers Xiang Zhen Yang (Lin Yo Wei) and Shu Xin Kuei (Mandy Wei) have a few things in common, including working at the same hotel and being recent divorcees. The only problem is that they are actually each other's exes. Can Zhen Yang and Xin Kuei keep the hotel in tip-top shape — without airing out their own dirty laundry — or is their patience for one another at maximum capacity?

So what happens in Episode 1? (Spoiler Alert!)

Without giving too much away, we see a flashback of Xin Kuei running into Zhen Yang first at a coffee shop, then under the mistletoe at a Christmas party. It must be fate! They naturally kiss and fall in love. He proposes in a most romantic setting where she finds the ring in a lovely surprise that he had planned. So cute! But after living with each other for six months, they can't stand each other anymore. They agree to divorce before the situation turns into a war zone.

Fast forward 4 years. Xin Kuei and Zhen Yang meet again. Unbeknownst to them... their good friends who are marrying each other asked them to be the groom's best man and the bride's maid, without their realizing that they would be together at the same wedding.

To find out more, watch Say I Do Again, starring the beautiful Mandy Wei who chopped up her flowing long hair for this drama, and Lin Yo Wei whose real-life divorce finalized before he started this drama. Mandy's new hairstyle has been a subject of debate all the way from Taiwan to right here on DramaFever. As for Lin, his popularity has shot up now that he's a single man again. He's admitted that it's partly poignant and partly a relief as he focuses on the new drama.

Lin Yo Wei also sings the opening theme song.

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