The wait is over! The official Gangnam Blues trailer starring Lee Min Ho is out and subbed for you all not only to watch, but to understand! 

The movie's official synopsis was also recently released, and it reads as follows:

"In the 1970s, during the height of political corruption, Gangnam, the southern part of Seoul, is starting to be transformed into a developed area. Childhood friends Jong-dae and Yong-ki struggle to get by until their shanty homes are demolished by local thugs. Desperate for cash, they get involved in violent political clashes, and they are separated. 3 years later, Jong-dae lives as an honest man with former gang leader Kil-su. Meanwhile, Yong-ki has joined Seoul's most powerful criminal gang organization, the Myeongdong-pa, and as a member, he has been entangled in a high-stakes battle over lands in Gangnam, all in the name of putting together secret presidential election funds that drive up the value of the city. As the gangs fight over the rights to various plots, Yong-ki is captured and interrogated by a rival gang..."

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Along with the synopsis was a poster of Lee Min Ho with his face dripping in blood:

(Synopsis & Photo credit:

Below is the official trailer of Gangnam Blues. It's intense and on the violent side, so viewer discretion is advised. Enjoy!

Gangnam Blues is set to premiere in theaters this November. 

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