One house. Six gorgeous men and women. Let the love games begin! The fun dating show Heart Signal is now available to binge-watch on DramaFever! 


Six young men and women seeking a relationship embark on a quest to find love in The Signal House, the place where love blossoms. As they complete challenges, they grow closer to each other, all the while love experts decide who likes who. But the Signal House only has room for “real” love, so there can be no distraction. The contestants can’t leave the house for the night, share their age or occupation, date more than one person per week, or go to sleep without anonymously texting a person of interest. And most importantly, none of them are allowed to say who they like. At the end of each week, the hosts of the show--experts in love and dating--must decide who likes who. Those who guess correctly will receive a valuable gemstone. But even if they collect a gemstone every week, the only way they will be able to cash it in is if they can guess right by the end of the show. The host panel of love experts consists of Lee Sang Min (Roo’ra), Shin Dong Hee (Super Junior), singer Yoon Jong Shin (Running Man), psychologist Dr. Yang, lyricist Kim Eana, and model Sim So Young. The contestants are also a varied bunch, making them difficult to read. Kang Sung Wook is the tall, handsome and musical guy. Bae Yoon Kyung is the sultry, cool goddess used to men fawning over her. Jang Chung is the seemingly shy but flirty type. Seo Joo Won is the ladies man who is great at gathering attention. Seo Ji Hye is the deceptive charmer who seems to know more than she lets on. Kim Serin is the adorable tomboy who seems to fit in better with the guys than the girls. Together, these six people will navigate love and all the challenges the house throws their way, while the hosts will try to figure out where their heart signals are headed.  



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