4247_BrilhanteFC_Slider A new soccer themed drama, Brilhante F.C, is coming from Brazil to DramaFever.com! It will be our first show from Brazil so we are very excited and we hope you are too! Brilhante F.C is the story about 5 teenage girls who decide to form the first women's soccer team Santa Rita do Sapucai in the city of Minas Gerais. Determined to become a part of the National Brazilian Women's Fùtbol League, Rita (Priscila Lima) creates Santa Rita's very first women's soccer team, the Brilhante Fùtbol Club, at the young age of 14. In order to make it to the big leagues, Rita is not only challenged with maintaining and expanding her soccer skills, but stepping into her new role as a leader amongst her peers. Friendships will form, bend, break, and mend within this team of teenage girls as they chase their dreams together. Check out the trailer of the new drama here: Sign up for episode alerts here to stay updated on Brilhante F.C!