Still wiping your eyes from the last time you watched Grave of the Fireflies, The Wind Rises or Princess Mononoke? Well, get ready for another dose of awesome as the name behind all these masterpieces--the one and only Studio Ghibli--has just released the trailer for their latest film, When Marnie Was There.

Based on the titular novel by Joan G. Robinson, the story revolves around a young girl whose new best buddy, another young girl named Marnie, also happens to be a ghost. Hayao Miyazaki--basically the father of modern animation and Ghibli’s most famous member--considers the novel to be one of his required readings. And, as his resume shows, the man knows a thing or two about awesome stories.

The film is directed by Yonebayashi Hiromasha, who has done animation work on big hitters like Spirited Away and is directing his second feature after the 2010 mega-hit, Secret World of Arrietty. Niwa Keiko, who you may remember from Up on the Poppy Hill and Arrietty, returns to handle the screenplay. Essentially, like anything Ghibli, this is an all-star cast.

And the trailer...oh, boy, the trailer:

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The trailer already shows the signs of the studio’s characteristic traits, including limitless colors, chillingly memorable music, and animation that puts any Marvel or DC Comics’ direct-to-DVD drivel to shame. Ghibli is often referred to as the “Pixar of Japan,” but that is a tremendous misnomer. Not only is Ghibli older, and therefore trekked new ground far before anyone else, but it has also made movies of both dramatic and technical merit so far beyond their competition that to make any such comparison is laughable.

For now, let’s celebrate Marnie’s incoming release this summer by starting an all-night Ghibli DVD marathon. Because, as you know, we don’t need any excuse to start rewatching Ghibli anyway.