If this doll looks embarrassed, she should be. The star of a new commercial out of Korea, she's known as Bean Baby Fart Captain and has an unusual and hilarious ability. Here at DramaFever, we pride ourselves on translating the best television shows from around the world, but sometimes the commercials can be even more entertaining. So without further ado, we present the doll that can... well, see for yourself: Yes, you saw that right. Here's an annotated translation of the commercial:
00:00 Bean Baby Fart Captain/Poo-poo Captain*
00:05 Bean Baby, let's eat! (Caption: Bean Baby is a hand-operated toy)
00:08 If you press her belly button, the fart goes boom boom!
00:12 "Oh, I'm embarrassed!"
00:13 Bean Baby Fart Captain
00:15 She eats and "kong kong!**" she poops
00:18 Time to flush!
00:20 Bean Baby Poo Captain
00:22 Bean Baby Fart Captain/Poo Captain
*Translation Note: Captain is translated from daejang, which means captain/general, but also intestine/colon
**Translation Note: "kong kong" is used as a sound effect, but "kong" also means bean.
Sadly unanswered is just how realistic those green and brown smoke bombs are. Never mind, we don't want to know. Because we all just became die-hard Bean Baby superfans, we've also translated the packaging (she comes with her own toilet, and a smiling yellow... friend). For your edu-tainment:
The Captain is marketed to help kids potty train, but she'd come in even more handy as someone else to blame the next time you accidentally let one loose in a crowded room/elevator/etc. What do you think, would you buy an adorable doll that noisily toots on command? Let us know in the comments!