Pushing the envelope is something all artists like to do, but in a country like South Korea, which is still conservative in many ways, artists can sometimes go a little too far. Here are 10 K-pop music videos that have been banned from being broadcasted because they were deemed just too sexy for the public.

As a performer, being sexy and provocative will get you attention, and that attention is what sometimes will get you to the top. But there's a very fine line between just being provocative enough and taking the sexual suggestions a bit too far. In South Korea, K-pop artists and their producers, for the most part, create songs and videos that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. But sometimes, artists have to challenge the status quo — that's what artists do. And when these challenges are considered to be a detriment to society, that's when the government steps in and prevents the art from reaching the masses. Below are 10 K-pop music videos that have been banned from being broadcast on television simply for the reason that they were considered to be way too sexy.

Enjoy at your own risk!

1. Jay Park — "MOMMAE"

2. Brown Eyed Girls — "Abracadabra"


4. FIESTAR — "One More"

5. Stellar — "Vibrato"

6. IVY — "Touch Me"

7. Stellar — "Marionette"

8. Dalshabet — "JOKER"

9. Gary — "Shower Later"


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Missing Nine

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