The 10th anniversary celebration for Japanese women's fashion magazine "Precious" brought all passerby to a standstill as models acrobatically strutted up and down the runway on the side of the Sony Building in Ginza.

A few days ago, a runway was built on the side of a 42 meter tall building in Ginza for Japan's first ever "In the Air Fashion Show." Gucci provided the fashion, and seven brave models hooked up to harnesses gracefully walked up and down the building. The theme for the show was "Fashion for Adults, Surprise and Excitement."

And the people below were sure surprised and excited. Many cheered as the models did their thing, taking pictures and clearly enjoying the spectacle. Maybe next year to add more excitement, they can have spectators sit on the side of the building hanging from harnesses too.

Scariest runway in the world.

Are you seeing what I'm seeing?