It's become popular these days especially on the Internet to say things like, "The thing we're about to show you is the most mind-blowing, insane thing ever. " So while some people might overuse those words, trust me when I say this video more than lives up to that statement.

This short clip shows a pair of workers at Nara’s Nakatanidou pounding mochi in a way that's so fast and so insane, you'll have to watch it at least three times just to grasp how good they are at preparing it.

The duo perfectly synchs up their work, with one worker pounding the mochi with his hands while the other bangs it with a mallet. Luckily the person who posted the clip repeats it again in slow motion at the end, so you can really take in their incredible process. 

It's so crazy to see how fearless they work together, especially the man on the right who is clearly risking getting his hand smashed at a moment's notice.