Thirty but Seventeen (Still 17), episode 1, teaser video just came out today, and we’re all shook up! This 30-second preview shows Yang Se Jong (Temperature of Love) and Shin Hye Sun (Stranger) of the past--in high school--and present. It’s fiercely intense, and we’re in high hopes for Monday’s premiere.

“A dramatic incident isn’t necessarily the only instigator for life’s unexpected turns,” Yang Se Jong narrates. In high school, Yang Se Jong tells Shin Hye Sun to get off the bus early, which leads to a tragic accident. Fast forward 13 years for him, and Shin Hye Sun is lying in a hospital bed, looking at her own reflection from the window whispering, “I’m 17. How can this woman be me?”

Meanwhile, yesterday, Yang Se Jong got candid about his first comedy, on-screen partner Shin Hye Sun, and his shocking transformation. He’d wanted to star in Thirty but Seventeen because “I laughed a lot while reading the script. The laughter felt healing, and I really liked that feeling. Also, I was always a fan of Jo Soo Won and Jo Sung Hee’s works. It’s an honor to be able to work with them both,” he said. On filming his first comedy, he elaborated, “The situations are hilarious. For instance, I loved the visual storytelling of Gong Yoo Jin as someone who’s shut himself off from the world for years. Instead of trying to be funny, I tried to focus on filming each scene.”

Filming with Shin Hye Sun was great. “She treated me comfortably from the start. Thanks to that, we were able to have good chemistry on camera and we match well. I think that I depend on her a lot on set. I can trust her to lead me well,” he said. Lastly, on his transformation as a bearded, long-haired man, he jokingly commented, “If there’s any similarities between us, it’s that I can grow a beard really fast. Anything different? Well, I don’t want to shut myself off from the rest of the world.”

Thirty But Seventeen will premiere on DramaFever on July 23. Add to watchlist to get notification on episode 1.


Thirty But Seventeen

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