Recently, a band made up of three young aspiring artists called the Countryside Kids auditioned for the hit Korean music show, K-Pop Star Season 3. The clip of their audition is so entertaining that is has over 1.5 million hits on YouTube and Naver TVcast. It has become famously refereed to as JYP’s crying clip. People expected to watch Park Jin Young soften into tears, but instead he laughed until the tears ran down his face.

The December 1st broadcast of SBS K-Pop Star Season 3 showed the 2nd half of the first round audition. A high school student, Hwang In Soo, from the group Countryside Kids introduced his musical instrument, the cajon, which was made by the team, saying, "We could not purchase instruments because we did not have enough money, so we decided to just make one ourselves."

The kids started singing "Sunday Morning" by Maroon 5, but Hwang In Soo could not follow the beat with the cajon, and all of the judges burst out laughing in spite of themselves. Park Jin Young of JYP Ent. ended up shedding tears while laughing too hard. After a few moments, Park Jin Young rejected the team, saying, "I won't be laughing like this in the next round. You all need a lot of practice. You guys have potential, so please keep things up.” However, the other two examiners, Yang Hyun Suk of YG Ent. and Yoo Hee Yul of Antena Music, let the team pass because they wanted to see the Countryside Kids again. Korean Netizens left many comments, such as "They were funny," "They remind me of AKDONG MUSICIANS," and "I can't wait to see their next performance." Check out the hilarious clips with the translation for yourself!

Park Jin Young : I like that hat.

Yoo Hee Yul : Hi.

Countyside Kids : Hi. We are the Countryside Kids from Gyeonggi-do, Yeoncheon.

Yoo : Nice to meet you. Why is your group name Countryside Kids?

Kids : We live in a countryside, Yeoncheon, so we chose that name.

Yang Hyun Suk : There are many people who don’t know where Yeoncheon is. Can you explain more?

Kids : The extreme northern area of Gyeonggi-do, southern area of the 38th parallel (the line divides the peninsula into South and North Korea). We often hear shell sounds.

Yang : Shell sounds?

Kids : It is no wonder that tanks go around our village.

Yoo : The instrument you are sitting on is cajon (a percussion instrument usually played by inde bands). They made that instrument by themselves.

Park : Huh?

Yang : You don’t have enough money. Am I right?

Park : There are marks of the spikes.

Kids : Instruments are too expensive for us to buy.

Yoo : You guys made your own one. That is precious and valuable.

Park : These guys ought to be highly commended.

What made you make the cajon by yourself?

We had originally planned to buy a djembe, but we didn’t have enough money, so we made the cajon after learning how to on the internet. We had to weave guitar strings inside of the cajon, and check how the sound should be. It took many hours, and we went all out for this, so this cajon is very valuable to us. And it’s interesting that we can play music for a cheap price. We want to be a group who can make people say ‘That's funny!’. We will enjoy this audition because it will be a remembrance of our young moments. Countryside Kids, Fighting!

Yoo : They get many points because of the cajon.

Kids : Thank you.

Yoo : (You will pass) if you have a talent for singing. Let’s listen to your song.

Kids : One, two, three, let’s go.

The beginning is unstable, but they catch the tune in a short time. They are putting true heart into their performance. There's an odd atmosphere. Their smiles are bursting out. He's a person who captures other people’s eyes. He is playing cheerfully and diligently but…

Kids : Thank you for listening.

Yang : This group is so funny.

Park : In Soo, are you here to do that? (Impolitely)

Yang : He couldn’t even follow the beat.

Park : In Soo, I am sorry for talking impolitely. Koong JJak JJak Koong JJak, is this what made you come here? You should have practiced it before. You made your instrument. How could you play the cajon like that? You have your own one, so practice more.

Yang : Haven’t you learned how to play that? The basic beat you made disturbed me so much…

Kids : He usually plays well; he made a mistake.

Park : He beats well! But the rhythm was off.

Yoo : I have a request. There is another one. Let’s listen.

Yang : We will give you a chance. You should follow the beat.

Yoo : I am so excited to listen to it.

Park : Is he playing the song with the same beat?

Yoo : Tears are coming out.

Yang : Enough. Enough.

Park : I am going to die! In Soo, how could you play that song with the same beat? It was a totally different song.

Yoo : It’s a good thing you didn’t buy a cajon.

I can tell why many people have watched this clip! The kids are so cute and naive because they are amateurs. I also want to see their next performance, so please practice more, kids! Countryside Kids, fighting!