The power of the K-Pop group BIG BANG even extends to animals! Who says your dog can’t be a fanboy or fangirl? I have a dog named Woo (who’s actually my mother's dog, so that would technically make him my puppy brother), who is a fan of BIG BANG. Seriously he’s a VIP and I captured him fanboying out earlier today!

Now originally I had recorded him just reacting to his favorite BB song "Tonight," but that left room for haters to say, “Whatever he’s just reacting to the sudden sound of music.” However, you don’t know my puppy brother the way I do, and believe me he only concerns himself with things he feels are important.

To prove his allegiance to BB, I played two other K-Pop songs before I played "Tonight" so that you can clearly see which fandom he’s rollin’ with.

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Enjoy the cuteness of my puppy brother Woo!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE