A video uploaded by YouTuber CuriousWorldWanderer shows master street performer and acrobat Isaac Hou perfecting the art of a steel hoop like no one else in the world. The title of the video is "Asian Vitruvian Man," and it shows Hou performing in front of a street crowd in Taipei, Taiwan. 

The video starts out simply enough, with Hou doing some basic spins and turns with the ring.  But around the 1:10 mark, the video turns otherworldly as the acrobat defies gravity and reality with his stunning moves. 

The video culminates with the street performer flawlessly executing a move that I didn't think was humanly possible. Hou's incredible skills have garnered more videos of his amazing performances, and rightfully so. I know if I'm ever in Taiwan, I would love to see him perform. 

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