At the recent Golden Eagle Awards, China's equivalent to the Emmy Awards, actor Hu Ge was the biggest winner for his incomparable performance in Nirvana in Fire. However, his star may have been overshadowed by the shining flares radiated from Tiffany Tang's parade as a golden goddess who transformed into a flying eagle. You've got to watch the clip to believe it!

All eyes were on this year's most prominent events—The 11th Golden Eagle Arts Festival and the 28th Golden Eagle Awards, which are companion events to showcase the best and brightest in China's television entertainment.

For the October 14 opening of the Golden Eagle Arts Festival, the gala was opened with actress Tiffany Tang's golden parade.

In this video, you'll see her come in all decked out in a golden bejeweled gown, complete with a glittering crown and an extremely long train. She slowly parades up to the stage and transforms into an eagle that soars high above Earth.

Some Chinese viewers commented that Tiffany's entry is over the top, but it is a symbolic moment to highlight China's rising position among the global entertainment world. China's growing TV drama market already surpassed US$13 billion in 2015, including US$3 billion from internet advertising.

But let's not forget the true stars when the Golden Eagle Awards were announced on October 16. After all, there is no entertainment without content.

Hu Ge and Liu Tao, the leading stars of Nirvana in Fire, are the biggest winners at the awards.

Hu Ge won Most Popular Actor and Viewers Choice Actor, adding to his already crowded list of accolades for his performance in the acclaimed historical drama. He said, “Receiving this award means I have just started the journey of art. This is a journey of creativity and heritage. While being more innovative in pursuing art, we also need to pass along the professionalism and devotion from the old artists."

Liu Tao, the leading lady and fierce warrior-commander in the drama, won Viewers Choice Actress.

Congratulations to Hu Ge, Liu Tao, and all the award winners!


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