Trying to scramble up a way to get a toddler to stop crying is something all parents can identify with. And now thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and picture-taking, there may be a brand new way to change an upset infant's mood. If this sweet little girl is any indication, all a parent might have to do once the crying starts is point the camera and get ready to shoot!

A hilarious video has been posted on YouTube of an adorable little girl who seems to be pretty upset about something. She walks around pouting, a big frown on her little face and a hand on her forehead as if nothing can get her to forget her pain. Nothing, except . . . a camera pointed at her! As soon as she realizes she is on the other end of the lens, the little girl strikes what probably is her favorite pose. This instantly cracks up the adults in the room, one of which is probably her mama. 

Too cute!

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