Who knew B.A.P’s “Warrior” would make such a great song to do a floor routine to? UCLA gymnast JaNay Honest knew! For the NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Championships, UCLA vs. Oklahoma, held on March 13 in Los Angeles, Honest used the instrumental of the six-member boy group's debut single in her routine to score an impressive 9.85. Her video is the latest video among the UCLA women’s gymnast team to go viral. While this past weekend's particular performance went viral among K-pop fans, she also performed this routine set to the tune of B.A.P in late February against Washington. Eagle-eyed B.A.P fans noticed Honest worked in one of the moves in the original choreography to end her routine.

Check out the awesome Sunday performance below, and tell us what K-pop tracks would amp you up on your own floor routine!

Cover photo cr: TS Entertainment / Twitter


Please Come Back, Mister

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