Since 1966, Ultraman has been coming to Japan from outer space to save civilization from giant alien monsters, known in Japan as kaiju. Thanks to the efforts and sacrifices of the entire Ultraman family over the last half-century, these monsters are no longer a threat to Japan and its people. Now the threat to the Earth and its inhabitants is dry skin, especially in the coming winter months, so Ultraman's mother came to Japan for the first time in a very, very long time, to save us once again.

Seems like Ultraman's mother is enjoying her new new life as a model. Standing 131 feet tall and weighing 32,000 tons, she's a bit larger than your average fashion model, and at 140,000 years old, she's not exactly ideal model age, but there's definitely something special about Ultramom. Maybe it's her confidence that comes with her life experience of raising the Ultra family and saving the Earth from monsters time and time again, but ad agencies are taking advantage of her truly unique look and name value. Just this summer, she appeared in a poster for a summer sale at a department store in the city of Fukuoka, rocking a pair of sexy brown boots and a bikini sarong. And now she's back again, this time appearing in an ad and television commercial to promote AVILO skin lotion, made from olive oil. Appearing in the same ad campaign for Amakusa Olive Garden AVILO is Jamila, a kaiju who has visibly dry skin and who obviously is the one who actually needs to be using this stuff.

Now that the Earth entered a prolonged period of relative peace, at least in terms of being attacked by giant monsters, maybe we'll be seeing a lot more of Ultramom in ads and other media outlets. She sure seems to be enjoying it.


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Poor Jamila

Ultramom in a bikini (summer sale poster)