We have a video that was taken live by a fan at  Lee Min Ho's Beijing tour on October 4. It is an amateur video with some parts clear and other parts hazy. But this may be as good as it gets for many of us to experience what happens on his tour. It explains how he got that red flower in his hair, for instance. So, thanks to the internet, get ready for the best available experience for those of us who live outside of Asia. Hopefully, he will come visit us someday soon.

Lee Min Ho started his RE: MINHO 2014 Tour in Beijing on October 4. Here is the complete fan video: 

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(I wanted to bring the video to you as soon as possible, so I won't be able to translate everything for the entire show. I will just highlight certain segments.)

Start: Painful Love (Love Hurts)

08:08 LMH: "I miss you all." He told the audience that he initially felt nervous but got into a high mood when he saw the fans. He wants to spend some enjoyable time with the fans and make memorable memories. He will also bring some new songs.

09:33 (singing, including behind-the-scene moments of tour's photo-shoot)

26:00 The MC asked LMH to greet the audience. LMH said, "How are you?" in Chinese. He added that he's glad to see a lot of fans there during China's holiday period due to the National Day celebration. MC asked how LMH was feeling. LMH replied in Chinese: "How am I today?"  (Apparently he needs more Chinese lessons.) LMH then remembered to say "I feel very happy." He asked the audience about his accent. The crowd shouted "Hao!" (Great!)  

28:24  MC asked about his trip to Beijing. LMH replied that he is very happy seeing everyone there. When asked about if he saw fans at the airport, LMH apologized that he used a VIP exit for security reasons and asked for everyone's understanding. The MC asked if anyone present went to the airport. Many replied yes.

30:57 MC asked if he ate anything good in Beijing (Chinese people love asking about food, I know.)  LMH said that everyone knows he loves Peking duck, and what he ate yesterday tasted especially delicious.

31:40 Asked about the cooler fall weather, LMH replied that he likes the cooler weather and thinks it really suits him.

32:13 Asked about what he's prepared for tonight, LMH said fans will hear many new songs and will hopefully enjoy them and feel happy.

33:00 LMH was asked about the photo-shoot that made him look like a prince charming on a white horse. LMH humbly said it meant he's riding a horse to come see everyone. MC asked if anything fun happened during the shoot. LMH said not much but he just kept on running (with the horse.)

34:00 Asked about Gangnam Blues. LMH said it will present a new him and he may look unfamiliar to people. The movie should premiere in Korea before the end of November and then continue on to other areas.

35:18 When asked if the personality of his character is very different from his own, LMH stammered a little with "Oh... Oh...," eliciting laughter from his adoring fans. He finally said the the situation was different in the movie, so he felt the personality was different from his own.

36:09 MC asked about the new album. He said he hopes the fans will like the new songs as the songs are made for them. The MC then asked how he was able to do it given his hectic schedule. Somehow LMH answered in Chinese: "I sing great." The MC helped with his Chinese. LMH finally said it's too difficult and he needed to practice more.

38:00 MC asked how LMH wanted his fans to enjoy the new album. He replied that he wanted the fans to feel comfortable when they hear the songs.

38:33 MC said next we'll have some fan benefits and that LMH prepared a surprise for the fans. Let's take a look at the VCR (the big screen.)

39:18 Some flowers were rolled in and the MC asked if LMH was going to perform flower arrangement. LMH said he wanted to invite a fan to arrange flowers with him. A lucky fan came on stage with a large bouquet. She drew Kim Tan wearing a hat sitting on a star with Minoz fans sitting nearby. LMH said it looked like an egg being fried in a pan. She admitted that it is exactly a golden egg, the nickname Chinese fans gave Kim Tan (for phonetic similarity.) Also Kim Tan was wearing a PMZ (Promiz) shirt.

42:25 Her brother drew the second drawing wishing her to ride in a tank to see LMH. LMH asked if maybe the brother likes to play games and the drawing was depicting a scene from games.

43:00 Lucky Fan is now going to make a flower arrangement with LMH. First, LMH said let's add something for the ambiance. He cut up some leafy branches and put them in his hair and her hair. At one point some fans in the crowd shouted to ask the MC to step back some so they could see better.

45:00 Lucky Fan said to LMH: "Move slower."  (So she can be with him longer, smart girl.) They continued to work on the flower arrangement.

45:41 Aww... LMH put a flower in her hair. She then put a red flower in his hair. (I don't think she'd be able to sleep that night.)  

46:30 MC said in Korea, people would give flowers to express love. So he asked if LMH ever gave flowers to anyone.  LMH said he's only given flowers to his mom. (In the meantime, Lucky Fan has turned into Unabashed Fan by posing with LMH when he wasn't noticing.)

47:17 LMH said the arrangement looks pretty. The fan wanted to continue for another minute. LMH asked about her name. It is Chen Ji Hong. LMH repeated it, and she gave him a hug. (I wonder if the crowd by now is getting jealous.)

47:44 LMH suggested she change her name to Chen Ji Min because Min is in his name. She said her brother's name has Min in it. She also liked the sound of the new name. LMH said the arrangement is for her to keep in her room. MC asked where in the room she'll put it. She said it will stay in her lap. (I think she really meant it.)

48:45 MC said now we will start the second half of the program with even more spectacular performances.

49:30 LMH started singing new songs.

1:13:22 LMH said it's too bad the new album wasn't released ahead of the tour, or the audience could enjoy the songs more. The MC asked if everyone liked the "Travel" song that he just sang. The audience replied with a resounding Yes.  LMH added that he's particularly happy when he sings and dances on stage. The MC and the interpreter started to wave for LMH because he was sweating.

1:14:40 Next they talked about Promiz, LMH's charity platform with water as the theme this year. A video about Promiz was shown. LMH talked about the recent US$50,000  donation to Charity: Water, as his way to repay his fans' love. He encouraged more fans to join in the meaningful effort.

1:18:22 LMH brought 3 Promiz gifts to give to 3 fans who were selected from Minoz who started special efforts online. Apparently each drew a portrait of LMH. He signed on the paintings and the MC said these drawings are increasing in value immediately. One fan gave him a calligraphy of a famous Chinese poem about red beans, symbolizing the wish to see LMH more often in China.

1:23:48 LMH said to the audience: "Even though we are here for a short time, but it's been particularly enjoyable. I hope everyone will like the new Gangnam Blues movie. I will keep on expressing different sides of me and hope everyone will continue to support me." He then added in Chinese, "Thank you, I love you all."

1:24:40 LMH will sing a final sing.

1:28:21 LMH waved goodbye and descended off the stage. The crowed clamored for LMH non-stop.

1:33:13 Encore? Yes, he's back!  He sang the "Say Yes" song.

The End - I'm sorry I couldn't tie each individual song to a name. Here's a list of the new songs in his new Song For You album:






I hope you've enjoyed the video as I have. It has been an entirely fantastic fan-fest with Lee Min Ho. As I said, the video is fan-made and at times wobbly, but it totally gave the feel especially for those of us who won't have the opportunity to have him come to our own country or for us to travel to an Asian city. (Thanks to the fan 娜娜小姐 via Greenpeace LMH for taking this long video.)

His next tour stop is in Tokyo, Japan, on October 12 and 13.