Rookie girl group G-Friend is gaining unexpected attention after various members slipped and fell eight times during a recent performance, yet they still kept singing and dancing through the end of the song.

On September 5, G-Friend performed for the Inje SBS Radio Public Broadcast event. Unfortunately, rainy conditions created a slippery stage for the performers, and the girls of G-Friend repeatedly fell on the slick surface. Yuju (with the knee pad) had it the worst with five painful falls, while Shinbi and Umji also slipped. 

Fancam footage of the performance went viral with nearly 3 million views to date. Many of the commenters praised G-Friend for their professionalism in continuing through to the end of the song, though others also wondered why they were forced to perform in inadequate conditions. You can watch the fancam footage below.

Fortunately, after the video went viral, the members of G-Friend assured fans that they were okay in an interview. Yuju also posted the following picture on Facebook with the caption "Don't worry~ I'm OK."

2PM's Taecyeon posted a message of encouragement to the group via Twitter, stating, "Hoobaes [juniors], it's good to work hard, but it's more important that you don't get hurt. Fighting in the future as well, and please pay attention to your health in the future."

I agree with Taecyeon! The girls of G-Friend definitely showed how professional they are, but we don't want to see them getting hurt in poor conditions!

What did you think of the video? Are you a G-Friend fan? Are you concerned when idols are expected to continue performing no matter what happens? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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