From the YouTube channel that brought you Korean Girls Try American Snacks and Korean Girls React to Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" come two videos that discuss cultural perceptions when distinguishing Koreans and Americans from other nationalities.

A diverse group of foreigners in Japan share their different thoughts that come to mind when asked to describe both Koreans and Americans. We already saw the video of how they distinguish Americans, but how do they view Koreans? While their answers follow some of the usual and sometimes controversial stereotypes, it's interesting to see the recurring attributes that get mentioned. From fashion to eating habits, these students point out ways they think they can tell these nationalities apart from others. Please note, the opinions mentioned in the videos do not reflect the views of DramaFever.

How to distinguish Koreans

How to distinguish Americans

What do you think about the attributes mentioned in the videos? Please share your thoughts below!

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