Domestic abuse continues to be plague relationships throughout the world, and that's why the good people at OckTV decided to conduct an experiment showing people's reactions to domestic abuse in public. The video shows what happens when a man abuses a woman in public in New York City and vice versa. 

The video ultimately shows that bystanders were way more apt to jump in and stop a situation when it was a man hitting a woman than when a woman hit a man. The point of the experiment is to not divide the issue among gender lines, but to shun all acts of domestic violence while encouraging people to step in whenever anyone is getting abused. 

Even though the video was uploaded last October, it has caused a recent firestorm on the Internet in China. The video currently sits at two million views even after it was reportedly previously taken down at six million.

Chinese netizens have been hotly debating this video, with some saying the following:

"I feel so sorry for this guy…no matter [which scenario], he is being hit.."

"Most of the time when a woman is beating a man, it is because the man has been unfaithful or has done something wrong."

"Actually, everyone has overlooked a problem. The reason why people intervene when a man hits a woman is because a man really has the strength to beat a woman to injury or death, but when a woman hits a man, in ordinary circumstances, the woman does not have the strength to injure the man, so no one goes to intervene."

"Turns out, when a man hits a woman, the man would be stopped, but when a woman hits a man in public, the majority of people will choose to rubberneck or feel that it is the man’s fault… So the conclusion is not hard to arrive at: men should not hit women!"

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