Fans of the gripping suspense drama When a Snail Falls in Love have been patiently waiting for the slow-burning romance to flare between the hot detective Wang Kai and rookie Wang Zi Wen. However, if you can't wait, take a look at this video clip where Wang Kai kissed for the very first time on screen, and guess who he kissed?

Wang Kai rose to fame in the acclaimed historical drama Nirvana in Fire, and he is one of the hottest leading man in China now. But every star started somewhere. For Wang Kai, his debut appearance was in the drama, Cold Autumn (Han Qiu), a period drama about three feuding families which allied to fight against Japanese invaders during WW II.

Wang Zi Wen was the leading actress in the 2006 drama, but Wang Kai was a rookie actor in a supporting role. (That's why you don't even see Wang Kai in the poster.)

Take a look at Wang Kai and Wang Zi Wen's kiss in the first 25 seconds of this short clip:

Back then, as Wang Zi Wen recalled in an interview, Wang Kai was really shy and she had to tell him to relax. So not only that Wang Kai gave Wang Zi Wen his very first on-screen kiss, he also learned kissing from her.

They also starred together in another romance drama, Ode to Joy, where they kissed a lot more.

Now that Wang Kai is one of the hottest leading men in China, has his kiss improved? Of course! 

Not getting enough of Wang Kai? 

You can read up these 6 interesting facts about him, and check out the drama where he leads a team of detectives to solve major crimes and find romance.


When a Snail Falls in Love - 如果蜗牛有爱情

Starring Wang Kai and Wang Zi Wen

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