William Chan (aka Chan Waiting) is being praised for his performance in Only Side By Side With You. With his character frequently showing off the singer-actor's excellent physique, it makes this behind-the-scenes clip showing William failing at carrying both his leading ladies all the more entertaining! Check out this very funny clip!

In a previous article, Vic Chou, the charming leading man from The Flame's Daughter, recently shared how hard it was to carry Dilraba Dilmurat, because he had to try as many as 30 takes until the director was satisfied.

In William's case, the actor has been fantastic in the fighting scenes where he fights without a stunt double. But somehow, he couldn't successfully carry his leading ladies on demand.

Remember, he actually has two different leading ladies in this drama: first it was An Ning (Qin Hailu), the fierce woman who rescued and influenced him in the past, and then Nan Qiao (Bai Bai He), the technology entrepreneur that he is in love with now.

Here's the hilarious clip!

People were laughing at William for almost breaking his back from carrying the petit Qin Hailu.

When it came to carrying the tall Bai Bai he, William deprecatingly laughed at himself for "risking his life" to carry her.

At least they all had a good laugh, and William didn't seem to mind the embarrassment too much. We do wonder how many takes it took to finish these scenes.

Only Side By Side With You has enjoyed top ratings in China and has also quickly joined DramaFever's Top 10 most popular Asian dramas.

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Only Side by Side with You - 南方有乔木

Starring William Chan and Bai Bai He

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