The Negotiator, starring Yang Mi and Huang Zitao (Tao), recently held a press event before the official broadcast of the new romantic drama and both leads were in attendance. Check out the video below for the highlights.

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The following is an hour-long live recording of the press event, which took place on February 4.

You can skip to 9:30, when Yang Mi and Tao went on stage. Sorry, it's not subtitled, but I'll mention a few fun tidbits when you scroll down.

1. Yang Mi said Tao often NG'd for laughing. (That made Tao laugh.) How often? Perhaps 82 times on average, she replied. Like how? Like how he is now, she said.

2. Did they like the clothes designed for their characters? Yang Mi apparently likes them and would usually buy them after filming. Tao, however, said he doesn't like some of them. His candor elicited a lot of laughs.

3. The MC mentioned he heard Tao's character had a lot of tricks to endear himself to a female. For instance, there was a scene that he warmed up a milk drink with his body heat. The MC then handed Tao one of those drinks to ask him to demo. (Around 17.50) Fans naturally started screaming. The MC said if someone actually put a drink under the arm to warm it up, he probably wouldn't accept it. Tao immediately corrected him by saying he warmed it by holding it next to his chest.

4. When they were filming on location in Hawaii, they walked around town on their own. At the restaurant they chose, they couldn't read the menu and just ordered by pointing.

5. Yang Mi and Tao were later joined by Dylan Kuo, who plays a romantic rival; Lai Yi, who plays Tao's younger brother, and Li Tingting, who plays Yang Mi's younger sister.

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Also known as Negotiator, this modern romantic drama is directed by Liu Yi Zhi. It is a companion piece to the 2016 series Les Interprètes, also starring Yang Mi. Joining Yang Mi and Huang Zitao (formerly EXO's Tao) in The Negotiator are Dylan Kuo (The Outsiders), Mao Linlin (Prince of Lan Ling), and Winston Chao (Eat Drink Man Woman). Filming locations in the U.S. included NYC and Hawaii.

Take a look at the teaser and stills, and add this new drama to your watchlist!


Negotiator - 谈判官

Starring Yang Mi and Huang Zitao (Tao)

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