O.M.G Jung Yong Hwa’s teaser video for the upcoming K-Drama The Three Musketeers is amazing, and it’s so exciting that you’ll need every single gif you can possibly google just to express all the feels!

Feels Example #1

Just imagine Yong Hwa with the cool headband, the awesome battle hanbok that we all love so much, long hair and a shiny sword freakin' flipping around showing off all his epic “I’m gonna kick your ass out of the Joseon period and into modern Seoul times” moves, and you have just thought up the teaser video you’re about to see!

Feels Example #2

Feels Example #3

Now I warn you this teaser is epic and you will gasp because who ever created it decided to use super cool background music along with an off-set fan blowing Yong Hwa's hair so perfectly that you’re left thinking that he’s not a rock star/actor…he’s a FAIRY TALE!

The Three Musketeers is set to air its first of THREE seasons in August. For details about this upcoming drama click here. To see Yong Hwa on a horse and imagine yourself on that horse with him click here. And, of course, become a fan and receive episode alerts of this drama by clicking here. #TeamClickEVERYTHING4YongHwa

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE