Learning a new language is fun and rewarding, but it can also be very challenging and difficult, especially when you're learning a language that's totally foreign to your native tongue. With that in mind, check out a video of young Koreans speaking to a native English speaker for the first time in their lives. It may inspire you to study another language!

It's one thing to study another language in a classroom, or even by yourself with the use of some learning tools, whether it be a book, show, or even listening apps on your phone. However, when it comes time to actually using what you learned and applying it in a real-life situation, things can get a little nerve-racking, especially if it's the very first time you have to test out your skills. This especially rings true for many language students and aspiring linguists when it comes to pronunciation, as that can sometimes be that hardest part about speaking to someone from a foreign land. Understandably, people always want to sound right, and it's just not that easy. But fear is something that must be overcome, and a new video from YouTube channel Asian Boss shows some young Koreans applying their many years of studying English into an actual conversation with a native English speaker, all for the very first times in their lives. 

What's so cool about the video is that the subjects honestly express their fears about speaking English, and they tackle them head on, as they speak to a young English man online, face to face. They do a great job, and best of all, they all seem to be having a great time. One guy starts singing, and a girl even shows off her dance moves.

Time for some English . . . Enjoy!


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