Disney princesses are loved and adored by millions, by children and adults alike from all across the world. Now, these same fans can watch their beloved beauties sing their most famous songs in their native languages, and as you'll see and hear for yourself, the classics sound oh-so-magical with this special cultural makeover.

Disney princesses come from all over: Cinderella is French, Snow White is German, Mulan is Chinese, Pocahontas is Native American, and Jasmine is presumed to be Iraqi (despite inaccuracies).  But because they are all characters in movies made by an American company, they speak English, sing in English, and do everything in English. This is all fine if you understand English, but what if you're a Chinese girl who wants to hear Mulan sing in Chinese? Well now, thanks to the YouTube channel Movie Munchies, you can do just that!

There are two short videos that show the iconic princesses singing their songs in their own languages. In the first one, Frozen's Elsa sings in Norwegian, Ariel from The Little Mermaid sings in Danish, Jasmine from Aladdin in Arabic, Mulan in Mandarin Chinese, and Rapunzel from Tangled in German. In the second video, Beauty and the Beast's Belle croons in French, Snow White in German, Megara from Hercules in Greek, Sleeping Beauty's Aurora in French, and Frozen's Anna sings her song in Norwegian.

Watching these awesome edits is a must for any Disney fan. Enjoy!




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