IKON may already have a ton of fans, especially for having only recently debuted, but it's almost impossible to top the enthusiasm of member Yun Hyeong's grandparents! During iKON's recent concert in Seoul, Yun Hyeong's family was seated in the audience. Both his grandma and grandpa came, with his grandmother even holding a fan with Yun Hyeong's face on it!

Twice during the show, Yun Hyeong and the rest of the iKON members came over to their section to say hello. Yun Hyeong also thanked his grandparents for coming during his goodbye speech on stage. Clearly his family's support means a lot to him!

Check out these adorable clips of his grandparents at the concert below!

Yun Hyeong's sister also posted a video of their grandfather dancing away during the show!

You can check it out here!

Aren't they adorable? Would you be just as excited to see iKON in concert? Share your thoughts below!

Watch iKON and more perform at the 25th Seoul Music Awards:

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