The first three episodes of the new DramaFever Mini Doll House have been released, and you know who is looking good in his acting debut? ZE:A's Heechul! 

Doll House, starring Jung Hee Chul and Sun Joo Ah, is about a girl with no home (Sun Joo Ah) who takes a seemingly perfect opportunity to move in with a Professor and his housemaid in a beautiful and secluded mansion. However, the mysteries pile up when the housemaid calls the shots, prevents Young Hee from meeting the Professor, and forces her to follow her strange rules. Fellow housemates Byung Tae (Jung Hee Chul) and Soo Jung (Park Sun Joo) seem to have good intentions when secretly interacting with Young Hee, but just who are they really and why are they there? Leaving may not be as easy as coming into this mysterious house.

It should come as no surprise that Heechul perfectly pulls off the handsome, mysterious, and slightly creepy type.  Many of ZE:A's photo shoots and videos have a dark, supernatural tone. In the first three episodes of Doll House, you don't know if his character is friend or foe.  

If you haven't seen Heechul's debut yet, you can watch the first short episode here:

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Remember, DramaFever Minis are short web-based series that are typically 5-10 minutes long. New episodes will be added daily Monday through Friday!

Have you been watching Doll House? What do you think so far?