Are you, like us, in denial that another great K-drama has come to an end? We won’t spoil the ending for you, but you’d agree, after watching the Doctor Crush finale, that Kim Rae Won’s version of Hong Ji Hong was irreplaceable, just as Park Shin Hye’s Yoo Hye Jung was.

Kim Rae Won has had many faces since his debut, which evolved from cute and fresh to sexy and mature throughout his expansive, decade-long career. As we still ruminate over the Doctor Crush finale, let’s go back in time and see how this cutie pie has evolved into a sexy heartthrob! Scroll down to reveal!


This is from Kim Rae Won's  School days with Kim Min Hee and Ha Ji Won(gif via)


This photo's from when he was 19 and going through his  first love!


One of Kim Rae Won’s early works was the classic 1998 sitcom Soonpoong Clinic with Song Hye Gyo. There’s an episode where her dad gets angry at them kissing in front of the house. The part where Kim Rae Won begs his permission to date his daughter is priceless! (Read more about Kim Rae Won and Doctor Crush casts here)



Kim Rae Won in 2001 landed a lead role in  Life Is Beautiful, which also starred Ha Ji Won.


A scene from  Attic Cat, a drama that put him to stardom! (See the full list of Kim Rae Won’s classic dramas here)


A scene from My Little Bride. Aren't they adorable? (gif via)


This romantic couple is from  A Thousand Days' Promise in 2011!


From  Punch onward, we start to see more of his sexy, mature side, while still keeping that boyish, playful side.


In  Gangnam Blues, this hottie went so far as to show off his abs. Hold your breath and wait for it...


And voila! Here it is, our two favorite actors,  Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won, posing together in the action noir film.

Now that all episodes of Doctor Crush is available, will you marathon it with us?

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