For some of you, Doctor Crush is your first drama starring Kim Rae Won. Others may have heard of him from Lee Min Ho’s action noir film Gangnam Blues. The truth is, he’s been on TV since the late 1990s, which is long before he crushed all of our hearts with suave, charming lines in Doctor Crush! Let’s check out some of his hidden gems because we know you think Doctor Crush’s Kim Rae Won is a total heartthrob! Scroll down to reveal!

1. My Love Patzzi (2002)

10 Total episodes
Romantic comedy
Starring Jang Na Ra and Kim Rae Won

This drama takes interesting twists and turns by positioning an evil character as the protagonist: Patzzi (think Cinderella’s step sister). Two girls quickly become frenemies when one of them steals the other’s crush (Kim Rae Won). Then a rich man, who owns the theme park the girls work at, appears, complicating all the characters’ love lives. If you have a thing for a charming second-lead character, this drama is a must-watch!

2. Attic Cat (2003)

16 Total episodes
Romantic comedy
Starring Kim Rae Won and Jung Da Bin

Attic House, which talks about a couple living together, is the predecessor of Full House and Cinderella and Four Knights! Spoiled college student Kyung Min has nowhere else to go except his friend’s house, for which he pays rent. A man and a woman, who are not in love, start to live together, and they find that they are more compatible than they thought.

3. Snowman (2003)

17 Total episodes
Starring Gong Hyo JinJo Jae Hyun, and
Kim Rae Won

Suh Yeon Wook (Gong Hyo Jin) can’t help but fall for Han Pil Seung (Jo Jae Hyun), who’s a detective, and, more importantly, her sister’s fiancé. When Cha Sung Joon (Kim Rae Won), who’s an old friend of Suh Yeon Wook, learns of this, he decides not to reveal her feelings for him.

4. What Planet Are You From? (2006)

16 Total episodes
Romantic comedy, melodrama
Starring Kim Rae Won and 
Jung Ryeo Won

A once-successful movie director, swamped with guilt, suffers in solitude for three years after losing his girlfriend in a car accident. When he comes out of his cave, he meets a country girl who reminds him strongly of his deceased girlfriend.

5. Gourmet (2008)

24 Total episodes
Melodrama, romance
Starring Kim Rae Won and 
Nam Sang Mi

Kim Rae Won got the lead role in Gourmet because the scriptwriter knew he was a great cook! This modern comedy revolves around a renowned chef who declares the best cook will inherit his famous restaurant.

6. A Thousand Days' Promise (2011)

20 Total episodes
Starring Kim Rae Won and 
Park Soo Ae

Lee Seo Yeon falls in love with Park Ji Hyung, a man from a wealthy family who has had a fiancée since birth. He wants to marry Seo Yeon instead of the fiancée, but she doesn’t want him to desert his family. In the meantime, they find that she is slowly losing all of her memory.

7. Punch (2014)

19 Total episodes
Starring Kim Rae Won and 
Kim Ah Joong

Chief prosecutor Park Jung Hwan only has 6 more months to live, and he wants to throw a final punch at life. At work, he plans to take down the corrupt prosecutor. After work, he tries to reconnect with his ex-wife, who’s also a prosecutor, and his child.

Which one sounds the most interesting? Which ones have you watched? Tell us in the comments below! 


Doctor Crush

Starring Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won

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