We Got Married-Global Edition Season 2 is coming to DramaFever, this time pairing Shinee's Key with Japanese model Yaki Arisa and Super Junior's Kim Heechul with singer and actress Puff Guo from the Taiwanese girl group Dream Girls and Just You. The couples will enter into fake marriages with each other for this variety show, completing weekly missions that reflect the challenges of being newlyweds.

In this global spin-off of the wildly popular South Korean variety show We Got Married, it becomes a meeting of cultures as celebrities from different countries are coupled together to work through their reality-TV marriage. In season 1, 2PM's Taecyeon (Dream High) was paired with Taiwan's Wu Ying Jie (Summer Fever), while F.T. Island's Lee Hong Ki (You're Beautiful) was paired up with beautiful Japanese actress Fujii Mina (The King of Dramas). Every week is a new challenge as they work together to complete their missions and learn a little bit more about each other's culture along the way!

Judging by these behind the scenes shots, it appears that our new couples are already excited to meet each other.

Key and Yaki Arisa make a super-sexy couple.

And Kim Heechul and Puff Guo look adorable together.

I can't wait to see the chemistry develop between the two couples!

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