Following Hong Jin Young and Nam Goong Min's departure from the virtual marriage series We Got Married, the former wife spills the beans on their relationship when the cameras stop rolling.

Recently, the famous trot singer was interviewed by Iigan Sports and she talked about their close friendship and how she abstained from dating, while she filmed her pretend marriage with the I Need Romance 3 actor. 

"We started supporting each other. We have become close friends, and I really feel comfortable around him. We texted each other after watching the last episode," the "Love Battery" singer said in response to a question about their current relationship status.

The news outlet went on to ask her about moments she felt her relationship with Nam was real, their skinship and did she date anyone while she filmed her pretend marriage for MBC.

"There were many memorable scenes. For example, when we went to the Macau Tower, I really relied on him because I'm scared of heights. I did a lot of things that were new to me during the show. There were times when he really felt like my boyfriend."

She added, "I tried to be as open as possible when I participated in the show. So, having physical contact with him wasn't that hard... I cut off seeing other men who were interested in me, while I was filming the show. For the time I appeared in the show, Namgoong was the only person I met.

Why did they decided to end their virtual marriage? 

Hong explained that the series was going through changes, and she wanted to leave during her "most glorious moment". Plus, Nam desires to act in a new project soon. 

What do you think? Is there a possibility for these two to become a couple in real life? 

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