Royal FamilyJi Sung (Swallow the Sun) and film/drama star Yum Jung Ah (Say You Love Me) star in Royal Family, a drama that explores the dark side of wealth and the power of love to fight the system. Two childhood friends grow up supporting each other through poverty and all other obstacles, and when they meet again years later, stand by each other as they rise in society's ranks. After marrying into a chaebol (wealthy business) family, Kim In Sook's (played by Yum Jung Ah) life becomes a living hell. Looked down on by her in-laws as a gold-digging intruder, she's ignored and backstaged for years. When her husband is killed in a helicopter accident, her mother-in-law takes her son away. Enter Han Ji Hoon (Ji Sung), the powerhouse new lawyer of the family, who knows In Sook from the past. Ji Hoon becomes determined to put a stop to the oppressive situation she's been in for 18 years. When In Sook finally decides that she has finally had enough and launches a bold plan to take over the family company, Ji Hoon will be there at her side, no matter what it costs him. The two begin to play a dangerous double game, but in the midst of their battle for survival, their hearts are drawn together in an passion that could cost them everything... Watch Korean drama Royal Family online.