Do you feel burned out from work? School? Or just life in general? We feel you. But don’t you worry: The weekend is almost here! These 10 feel-good shows are short enough to be watched in one sitting, ideally in bed bundled with cozy blankets and fluffy pillows! So get your favorite snacks ready and snuggle up in the blanket for a short and sweet marathon-viewing!

1. Choco Bank

Drama - 6 Total episodes | Naver TVCast | 2016

GENRE Short Series , Korean Dramas , Melodrama , Romance

Despite having a name that means "bank," Kim Eun Haeng (Kai) is unlucky in work—in fact, he's been unemployed for five years. But when he meets Ha Choco (Park Eun Bin), a fellow 20-something trying to start her own business, these two inexperienced college graduates put their heads together and get a crash course in the financial industry. Is this their big break?

2. Touching You

Drama - 12 Total episodes | Naver TVCast | 2016

GENRE Korean Dramas , Exclusives , Romance , Romantic Comedy , Short Series

Suave and handsome Do Jin Woo (Ok Taec Yeon) has a special ability: every time he touches someone, he can see into their future. One day, he meets and falls in love with aspiring makeup artist Jin Hee Young (Song Ha Yoon), who is an angel to those around her and doesn’t let the selfishness and cruelty of the world change her willingness to help people however she can. But, because he can see the future, Jin Woo knows this girl is doomed to a horrible fate. Can he use his powers to save her life, or will time prove too powerful an enemy to conquer, even for someone who knows what’s coming?

3. Page Turner

Drama - 3 Total episodes | KBS2 | 2016

GENRE Short Series , Korean Dramas , Melodrama , Romance

Yoo Seul (Kim So Hyun) is a promising pianist at a performing arts high school, but when she’s involved in a tragic accident, the young prodigy discovers she may never be able to play the piano again. Together with the help of her friend Cha Sik (Kim Ji Soo)—and her rival Seo Jin Mok (Shin Jae Ha)—can Yoo Seul discover the true music of her heart?

4. Puck!

Drama - 2 Total episodes | SBS | 2016

GENRE Korean Dramas , Melodrama , Short Series

Mired in his ex-wife's outrageous debt, Jo Joon Man (Lee Kwang Soo) is forced to pay it off working as an enforcer for a gang boss, despite being an otherwise good guy. To trap and muscle his next target into paying up, Joon Man joins an ice hockey team to get closer to the hapless coach. But can a loan shark survive the ice?

5. Love Cells 2

Drama - 12 Total episodes | Naver TVCast | 0

GENRE Short Series , Comedy , Korean Dramas , Romance , Romantic Comedy

Fresh from playing matchmaker in Love Cells, the love guru Nebi (Kim Yoo Jung) returns to work her magic on a couple that is tragically torn apart when they lose memories of their romance.

6. Snow Lotus Flower

Drama - 2 Total episodes | SBS | 2015

GENRE Short Series , Korean Dramas , Melodrama , Romance

Haunted by lucid dreams, Lee Soo Hyun (Ji Jin Hee) and Han Yun Hee (Lee Ji Ah) discover a connection between their past lives and a star-crossed romance over 1,000-years-old. As each waking dream bleeds further into reality, Soo Hyun and Yun Hee get closer to discovering a timeless story of love and conflict—but will the past repeat itself and tear them apart once again?

7. Aftermath

Drama - 11 Total episodes | Naver TVCast | 2014

GENRE Short Series , Action / Thriller , Available Offline (Superstar Only) , Crime / Mystery , Korean Dramas

Ahn Dae Yong (Kim Dong Joon) is a quiet high school student who suddenly develops the super power to predict who is a murderer and who is about to die. Those who appear to have red eyes are destined to die soon, while those with blue eyes are about to commit murder. Ahn Dae Yong decides to use this power to save lives and becomes an unexpected hero for the people.

8. Never Die

Drama - 5 Total episodes | Naver TVCast | 2015

GENRE Short Series , Korean Dramas , Romantic Comedy

200-year-old Min Se Yeon (Nam Ji Hyun) has managed to conceal her immortality, up until she meets Lee Jung Hoon (Ji Eun Sung), a social worker she saves from a traffic accident. Despite her wizened age, Se Yeon is fresh, beautiful and forever in her prime, but with immortality comes a price. Can Se Yeon and Jung Hoon defy time in the name of romance?

9. Secret Message

Drama - 18 Total episodes | Naver TVCast | 2015

GENRE Short Series , Japanese Dramas , Korean Dramas , Melodrama , Romance

While Woo Hyun (T.O.P.) and Haruka (Ueno Juri) live entirely different lives in different countries, both harbor intense emotional baggage that translates across Korea and Japan. Despite being an optimist at heart, Woo Hyun struggles with the idea of ever finding that special person, while Haruka is obsessed with finding the answer to that thing called love.

10. 9 Seconds - Eternal Time

Drama - 7 Total episodes | Naver TVCast | 2015

GENRE Short Series , Korean Dramas , Melodrama , Romance , Romantic Comedy

Upon a chance meeting at a neighborhood photo studio, Yoo So Ra (Na Hae Ryung) and Kang Yoo Chan (Lee Joo Seung) develop a picture-perfect romance with the help of a magical camera that can freeze time.

Which short series do you plan to watch this weekend? And what else are you doing this weekend? Please tell us below!

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