How did last week's surprise breakout drama Let's Fight Ghost perform this week in the face of strong competition from Doctor Crush and Uncontrollably Fond? Is your favorite drama among the Top 10? Let's find out.

Everyone's crush Doctor Crush wins again this week! Some dark clouds are looming over our happy couple, however. 

Uncontrollably Fond is a close second, and I thought episode 5 was really romantic with Kim Woo Bin singing and pouring his heart out to Suzy. What do you think? I'm still feeling for the second male lead played by Im Ju Hwan, and that 3-way confrontation scene totally reminds me of Heirs. The flashbacks are effective, but you have to pay attention to track the events that have influenced their lives over the years. That's why it helps to join our enthusiastic recapping club HERE.

Cheers to Let's Fight Ghost, which continues its popularity in the Top 10. Ok Taecyeon earns a special honor for having his very cute web series Touching You at #12, just a little behind the stellar Descendants of the Sun, which is still popular after becoming this year's smash-hit surprise.

Beautiful Gong Shim got a bump to #4 with its giddy happy ending, but gee, doesn't Ahn Dan Te (Namgoong Min) know anything about FaceTime or other chat apps to stay in touch? He totally deserves that kick in the shin!

Cheese in the Trap has jumped back into the Top 10. Is it because of Park Hae Jin's news that he'll be starring in the movie based on the same webtoon? I'd insist on a definitive happy ending for the movie. Which actress would you recommend for their open casting call?

New Dramas:

Did you know Ice Fantasy is on-air with the same schedule as in China? We get 6 episodes this week, and 4 episodes each week starting next week. Learning more about the charismatic young writer behind the story and watching it has made me realize how exquisitely intricate the story is. There is a lot more to the epic beyond what has been revealed in press releases. The visually stunning drama stars Feng Shao Feng (read about his leading ladies) and f(x) Victoria Song.

Check out other upcoming dramas HERE.

New Weekly Top 10 in order of popularity:

1. Doctor Crush

2. Uncontrollably Fond (Only on DramaFever)


Uncontrollably Fond (Lightly, Ardently)

Starring Kim Woo Bin and Bae Su Ji (Suzy)

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3 .Running Man

4. Beautiful Gong Shim

5. Heirs (Only on DramaFever)



Starring Lee Min Ho (Heirs) and Park Shin Hye

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6. Let's Fight Ghost (Only on DramaFever)


Let's Fight Ghost

Starring Kim So Hyun and Ok Taec Yeon

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7. Boys Over Flowers

8. Another Oh Hae Young

9. Mirror of the Witch

10. Cheese in the Trap

To Minoz fans: Heirs is lower at #5, but Boys Over Flowers rose to #7! Is it because our guy is going to KCON in LA?

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On my regular watch list: MonsterDoctor Crush, WantedUncontrollably Fond, and Ice Fantasy.

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Which new dramas are you watching now?

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