Big changes this week! The top 3 positions, including last week's winner Another Oh Hae Young, are all affected. Is it the Doctor Crush effect? You're definitely going to be surprised, especially by the #2 drama. Is your favorite drama among the Top 10? Let's find out.

I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the new rankings. 

Doctor Crush soars to #1, after leaping into #2 in its first week. Another Oh Hae Young misses the crown, despite giving us the warm fuzzies with an endearing ending. It's actually understandable since Doctor Crush is really crushing the ratings. Check out the surprise reunions and read the recaps.

What is really stunning is #2, Heirs, the smash hit that has occupied the Top 10 ever since it began in 2013. Is it because superstars Lee Min HoPark Shin Hye, and now Kim Woo Bin, are currently in the news? It's certainly a great drama for newcomers to K-dramas. What else can we say but, congratulations! 

(By the way, Park Shin Hye's Pinocchio rises to #12 this week, while Lee Min Ho's Boys Over Flowers is holding on to #9.)

Cheese in the Trap returns to the Top 10 at #8. Are fans re-watching the cute webtoon adaptation while munching on leading man Park Hae Jin's brownies and cookies?

I caught up with Mirror of the Witch over the weekend. The dark intensity of the mystery fantasy never lets off in this well-crafted production. Why does everyone believe what the devious bad witch says? Although the drama cautions us that it's a fictional account, Heo Jun (Yoon Si Yoon) was a real person who lived a long life, so I have some hope for a "happy-ish" ending.

New Dramas:

With Another Oh Hae Young's conclusion (and new beginning) last week, I can now add Doctor Crush and Wanted to my regular list. Reluctantly I'm going to keep Seo In Guk's Squad 38 on a waiting list, but I have to reserve room for the upcoming Uncontrollably Fond, starring Kim Woo Bin and Bae Suzy. The new drama starts Wednesday, July 6. Aren't you excited? I know I can't wait.

New Weekly Top 10 in order of popularity:

1. Doctor Crush

2. Heirs (Only on DramaFever)



Starring Lee Min Ho (Heirs) and Park Shin Hye

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3. Another Oh Hae Young

4 .Running Man

5. Beautiful Gong Shim

6. Mirror of the Witch

7. Descendants of the Sun

8. Cheese in the Trap

9. Boys Over Flowers


Boys Over Flowers

Starring Gu Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho (Heirs)

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10. Les Interprètes


Les Interprètes - 翻译官

Starring Huang Xuan and Yang Mi

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Cheers to Minoz fans: Heirs grabs #2, Boys Over Flowers keeps #9, and Lee Min Ho's Bounty Hunters movie has won #1 on opening day, July 1, in China. Are you celebrating yet? 

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On my regular watch list: Monster, Mirror of the WitchBeautiful Gong ShimDoctor Crush, and Wanted.

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Which new dramas are you watching now?

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